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I've been working with [Swift Kick] on Comparity tech and it's been great. I am impressed with their level of knowledge, skill, and service.

Kevin Curry, CTO of Comparity

Hiring [Swift Kick] was one of the best decisions we ever made. When we needed extra help to implement a new feature for our web solution to compliment a recent release of our mobile app [Swift Kick] charged in and delivered. [They] not only helped with the feature, but offered guidance on our current efforts to implement several client-side frameworks. [They] also played a key role in helping us developing future architecture to handle synchronization and notifications between our mobile and web applications. When you outsource development it is very refreshing to go from having to spend hours documenting every little detail to "Hey [Swift Kick] we need this…" and it getting done and done right.

Jeremy Brown, Lead Developer at VStrator

[Swift Kick] is as professional as they come. [Their] attention to detail and knowledge of current technologies always gave me peace of mind when he is involved with any project. [They] were also able to work some magic on some old systems and software that needed updating, when many others said it couldn't be done or couldn't even problem solve. [Swift Kick] is very reasonable when it comes to estimating the time needed to finished projects and always delivers on deadline and often even before it's due. I look forward to every project where [Swift Kick] is at the helm.

Roni Lagin

Just wanted to say that you are one of the most inspirational speakers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and being self-taught myself, you gave me confidence that just because I have a business degree and not a computer science degree that I can still become a great developer.


[Swift Kick] integrated very well with our existing team and played a key role in helping us architect our current solution. When a need presents itself [Swift Kick] is the first resource we turn to.


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